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Dragon-Anti-Intrusion :
Our company has built-up a device, anti- intrusion, made with cayenne pepper to protect against theft by break and entry, for residential or commercial sites as well as for your own vehicle.

About the product:

  Natural and biodegradable;
Made with natural essences and peppers;
Easy and simple mechanism, and with a great versatility;
Does not cause any permanent harm;
Non-toxic and non-flammable;
Which does not dirty, etc...
Legal (defence of person and defense of property).
It’s mechanism is very simple: As soon as an intrusion is detected, a cayenne pepper squirt is ejected from the device and dissipates itself in the air. The product becomes right away irritating for the skin, the eyes, the respiratory system, giving the sensation of suffocating; it then becomes impossible to stay on the premises.

With the DRAGON-ANTI-INTRUSION system: No need for alarms that will only ring and still give the possibility of the theft to go through. No more needing to wait for the authorities that never get the call when the alarm is sounded !
Our device has a great versatility : It can be installed with any other system you could already have. It can be in any kind of environment, for example, your house, your business, cars, company or leisure vehicle, etc.The possibilities are numerous and our development team is at your disposition to adapt the device that suits your exact needs.
armed with cayenne pepper is a must
for everything you really need protection for.
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