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How does Cayenne pepper affect humans, animals and plants?
It's highly repulsive effect, which does not have any permanent after-effects, deters aggressors and discourages thieves. A natural product: a synergic blend of essential pepper oils and pepper extracts. Biodegradable, stainless. The product becomes right away irritating for the skin, the eyes, the respiratory system, giving the sensation of suffocating; it then becomes impossible to stay on the premises. Non-toxic for humans, animals and plants.
In what type of building can a DRAGON system be installed?
In all types of buildings except buildings with multiple housing units or which have a central ventilation system, unless the owner and its occupants provide written authorization.
Where is a DRAGON installed?
The automobile DRAGON must be installed by a professional, under the dashboard, above the pedals of your vehicle, so that the spray vaporizes on the rubber mat, making it easy to rinse.
The residential DRAGON is installed anywhere, at a height of 5 to 7 feet, generally near the panel of your alarm system or directly in the room to be protected. DO NOT INSTALL IT TOO CLOSE TO THE CEILING, THE SPRAY HAS A DIAMETER OF ABOUT 1 ½ FEET. THIS COULD PREVENT THE PEPPER SPRAY FROM SPREADING RAPIDLY.
Are there damages after an alarm is triggered?

NO. For the automobile DRAGON. Air out your vehicle by opening all doors for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse your rubber mat with cold water.
NO. For the DRAGON in a home or business. Air it out by opening the doors for 30 to 45 minutes. Near the DRAGON's location you will find a small quantity of about 3 X2 feet of tiny drops of pepper vegetable oil, which you can clean with cold water and soap. Don't forget to put on rubber gloves before cleaning.
NO. For the DRAGON in a garage or trailer. Rinse the pepper oil deposit with cold water.

Who installs the DRAGON?
A professional installer in your region can add the DRAGON to your existing alarm system or sell you a complete alarm system.
How do you avoid false alarms?
To avoid false alarms, you need a secure alarm system with good motion detectors, installed by a professional. Don't forget to disarm the system before entering your home or vehicle.
What is the lifetime of the pepper in the DRAGON?
The pepper in the DRAGON has a lifetime of about 2 years, unless an alarm is triggered. In this case, the cartridge must be replaced as it could empty out completely.
How much does a DRAGON cost ?
Retail price for DRAGON is CALL
How much does Cartridge cost?
Retail price for car cartrigde is 24.99$;Retail price for home cartrigde is 44.99$.These prices can change without notice.
Can I change the cartridge myself?

Yes, but it's safer to have it change by your supplier.

armed with cayenne pepper is a must
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