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Did you know that each year, in Canada, insurance companies spend over 600 million dollars only for the repair of property damage and the replacement of assets due to burglary?  (According to the Insurance bureau of Canada, IBC)
These alarming figures confirm the urgent need for protection against relentless criminals.

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Its extremely repellant effect, however without leaving any permanent sequels, drives away and discourages any thief.
Natural product : Synergistic mixture of essential pepper oils and hot pepper extracts. The product is biodegradable, does not stain, and is non-flammable. The product becomes right away irritating for the skin, the eyes, the respiratory system, giving the sensation of suffocating; it then becomes impossible to stay on the premises. Spreads rapidly and covers an area of 10 000 CU. ft.
Indispensable for everything you really need to protect : Home, summer cottage, mountain chalet, tools box & Trailer, garden house, shed, car, etc. (Restriction : Apartments Building. ,...)
The DRAGON system can be used in many ways :
It can is added to the existing alarm system and all other systems12 Vlt DC. The prices differ according to the models and the added equipment; we manufacture to measure according to your need. Retail price : CALL.
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