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Dragon-Anti-Intrusion :
WARNING :  Repulsive is designed and sold within the framework of protection against the aggressive animals, it should not be used in criminal ways.

Sale prohibited to minors;

Our most powerful product is authorized on the Canadian market;
Key ring,  pocket size;
Cayenne pepper against aggressive dogs,bears...
Instructions :
When you are threatened by an animal, swivel the pushbutton of 45 . Place the finger on the control tongue. Point the ejector towards the target. Press on the tongue to vaporize an amount of the product up to a maximum distance of 3 meters.  Move to avoid being exposed to the product
First aid :
Contact with skin or eyes: Remain calm, rinse with cold water, NOT TO RUB. In the event of inhalation: Go out and take fresh air. The symptoms generally disappear at the end of an hour.
Available in versions :

Key ring (22gr)

Pocket size (50gr)
Bears attack (225gr case included )
Bears attack (325gr case included )
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